The Best Local Shops In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of my all-time favorite cities. I adore how bike-friendly it is (there are more bikes than people!) and the locals are some of the friendliest people of anywhere I’ve been. One of my favorite things about Amsterdam is the amount of local restaurants and shops with incredible interior design and even better food and products! The creative inside of me was freaking out everywhere I turned. And since I eat a plant-based diet, I was so happy to see so many healthy and organic options around town. So here are a few of my favorite spots that I found!


Venkel Organic Salads AmsterdamVenkel Organic Salads Amsterdam

Venkel is an organic salad bar that I totally fell in love with! I’ve been into healthy/organic food for awhile now and I recently became vegan, so I was like a kid in a candy store (yes, salads can be that good!). You can build your own salad or choose one off the menu, but they’re all so, so good. Not to mention, the decor of the shop is so beautiful!

Venkel Amsterdam Healthy Food

One of the best parts was I got to meet Silvia Falcomer for lunch here, who is a fellow Instagrammer based in Amsterdam! We bonded over our love for photography and creative things; she’s the sweetest and the first Instagrammer I met overseas!

Venkel Organic Salads Amsterdam Venkel Organic Salads Amsterdam

CT Coffee & Coconuts

I actually stumbled into CT Coffee & Coconuts accidentally, as I was on the hunt for some WiFi (typical). My friend and I immediately freaked out at this 3 story coffee shop and how cool it was inside! Many people were working on their computers but there were also comfy couches and bean-bag chairs everywhere for people to just hang out with their friends.

CT Coffee & Coconuts

CT Coffee & Coconuts Amsterdam

CT Coffee & Coconuts Amsterdam

My friend and I ended up staying in here just sitting and drinking coffee for over two hours because we loved it so much. I totally recommend this place if you’re ever in the city and suggest their dark chocolate coconut drink!


Cottoncake is a concept store that’s both a cafe and a boutique. It has beautifully minimalist interior with white walls and simply design. It’s also in a really cute part of town so it’s a perfect place to stop in! Cottoncake Cafe and Shop AmsterdamCottoncake Cafe and Shop Amsterdam

(Photos by

Cottoncake Amsterdam cottoncake amsterdam cottoncake amsterdam

(Photos by @kate_solo14, @soakuptheworld, and @callywithabelly)

Stach Food

Stach is an organic food market that sells juices, coffee, salads, healthy snacks, and more! If you like healthy food this is definitely the places for you. You can grab something to go, or have a quick bite in their cute little seating area upstairs. It’s a cheap and guilt-free option and I found lots of yummy snacks to carry around for my day in the city!

Stach Food AmsterdamStach Food AmsterdamStach Food Amsterdam






(Photos by @stach_food)

So as you can see, Amsterdam has tons of cool shops to see when you’re visiting the city, and you’ll feel like a local! Be sure to comment below if there are any local shops you’ve found and really enjoyed!