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I’m Donna, and I’m so excited you stopped by my blog! I’m a photographer and filmmaker with a serious case of wanderlust. I have a passion for life and capturing the people and places I encounter along the way.



I’m 22 years old and from Miami, Florida
I graduated from Florida State University this past Spring
My degree is in Entrepreneurship (yep, it’s a major)
I’ve been pursuing photography for 8 years
I love the ocean and like to think I’m a mermaid
I am a huge animal lover, and have to pet every dog I see
I’m a nerd and love deep, intellectual conversations
I have a serious addiction to chocolate
I love laughing and doing weird things in public
And most importantly, I love Jesus!

Banff National Park Lake Peyto

Beijing, China


I started this blog in November of 2015 after I spent my summer after college traveling through Europe and doing a month-long road trip across the U.S.  These experiences made me realize that I want to make travel a lifestyle and inspire others who want to see the world but have no idea where to start!

I think too many of us have been sucked into the belief that we have to work a normal 9-5 job and only have fun on the weekends, and I want to show people that you can do what you love every day. We’re told that we need more stuff to make us happy, but the more I travel the more I realize that experiences are so much more important.


Antelope Canyon


4 years ago, the plans I had for my life got wrecked in the best way possible when I decided to put my faith in Jesus my first week of college. Since then, I have encountered the love and power of God and know that my life is absolutely nothing without Him.  I know that He has a unique and magnificent calling for each of our lives and my hope is to inspire you to dive into yours, even if it’s absolutely terrifying. I pray that God would use my photographs and words to speak life into your life and cause you to seek and find Him. If you would like to hear more about my story or want to share yours, send me an email at hello@thesunnytraveler.com!


Swiss Alps


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